System for 1986 Ford Mustang
Cost Approx $5500 Retail
Hours to install Approx 100
Installed in 1988-90
System done when I was 18-20 yrs old.
Total System:
Head Unit: Denon old model (1988) $1000 on sale $1800 retail
Crossoxer/EQ: Audio Control EQX (1989)
Amps: HiFonics Aphrodite 6 X 50 RMS 4 Ohms 6 X 80 2 Ohms built in 3 way X-over (1990)
HiFonics Atlas 1 X 400 RMS 4 Ohm 1 X 600 RMS 2 Ohm 2 way X-over (1991)
Wiring: All wiring is either Phoenix Gold or Monster Cable.. 4 G to 8 G power
23 Speakers total
4-Cerwin Vega 12" XL DVC 20-80 Hz
2-5.25" Rockford Fosgate front doors and 2-8" Rockford Fosgate rear quarter panel running midbass 80-250Hz
2-3.5" Rockford Fosgate in front dash , 4-3.5" on rear deck running midrange 250Hz-2KHz
2-1" Cerwin Vega soft dome tweeters center dash + 2 10MM RF
Rear Deck 2-10MM Rockford Fosgate , and 2-1" Cerwin Vega running highs 2Khz-20 Khz
System was run 4 way SUB, MidBass, Midrange, Tweeter.. 0 caps in the entire system.. everything was active..

4-12" Cerwin Vega XL DVC
Switch from front could light the sub area.
Denon Head unit.. One of the first good CD players.. $1800 Retail.. Got it for $1000 on sale. Used to use it in my house as well..:]
5.25" Rockford Midbass in front doors. Grills were custom painted Stock Maroon.
Die Hard Deep Cycle Battery 4 Guage Power, Distribution block, and The Hifonics Aphrodite amp in front of it.. This was mounted replacing the spare tire..
Audio Control EQX mounted in between the visors on the roof of the car.. Easy to adjust everything..
Rear deck with custom built box to hold the 4 3.5" Rockford Fosgate Midrange and the 4 Tweeters..
Shot of the rear of the subs.. 4-12" barely fit this.. I had to tilt them down and V the baffle bord so they would all fit..
Battery, Amp (Aphrodite) and subwoofer.. All in the trunk..
Phoenix Gold 150 Amp alternator.. A must for 1100 Watt RMS systems.. No need for caps with one of these.. Cost $550.00
8" Midbass behind rear plastic quarterpanel.. also glass sensor, and junction for power wires, on sensors, and alarm wiring..Used to be an 8" Rockford but ended up a cheap Pyramid.. of course.. ;\

I had another system in the same car that consisted of 2 Orion 225HCCA running .5 Ohm in the sub and high section.. Also instead of the Cerwin Vega 12" I had 4 10" Rockford Fosgates.. 2-10" Pro with ran free air in the trunk and 2-10" RF regular line in the middle in a sealed enclosure..

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