System for 1995 Ford Contour
Cost Approx $4500 Retail
Hours to install Approx 100
Installed in 1996
Total System:
Head Unit: Alpine 7815 old model (1992)
Crossoxer/EQ: Audio Control EQX (1989)
Amps: HiFonics Aphrodite 6X50 RMS 4 Ohms 6 X 80 2 Ohms built in 3 way X-over (1990)
HiFonics Atlas 1 X 400 RMS 4 Ohm 1 X 600 RMS 2 Ohm 2 way X-over (1991)
Wiring: All wiring is either Phoenix Gold or Monster Cable.. 4 G to 8 G power
21 Speakers total
3-Cerwin Vega 12" XL DVC 20-80 Hz
2-5.25" Rockford Fosgate and 2-6.5" Pyramid Pro running midbass 80-250Hz
2-3.5" RF in Front, 2-3.5" rear and 2-4" rear running midrange 250Hz-2KHz
4-10MM RF front 2 on dash and 2 in door. 2-10MM Pyramid, and 2-1" Cerwin Vega Rear running highs 2Khz-20 Khz
System was run 4 way SUB, MidBass, Midrange, Tweeter.. 2 Small caps in the entire system.. everything else was active..
The reason I put Pyramid in is becuase by the time I built this system I had a kid and one on the way and could not spend much on speakers..
System was never completely done cause I ran out of time to do it School, Track and Field, kids and marraige will do it to you..

3-12" Cerwin Vega XL DVC
The 3 small dots above sub and to right are allen wrench screws that releasr the baffle board for the subs..
This allow access to the trunk and use for hauling stiff still..
Beginning of amp rack. 1 Farad of caps on the left see through window on left where distribution block and relays are located.
Trunk shot :
HiFonics Aphrodite (Top Amp)
Hifonics Atlas (Bottom Amp)
1 Farad Cap Bank (Left wall)
3-12" Cerwin Vega Subs
Free air in trunk to take up no space..
A stroller for my 2 kids would
not fit with a box for the 3 12" in the trunk.
6.5" in rear doors.. Don't laugh .. in my older Mustang this was an 8 " Rockford Fosgate..
Custom boxes for rear deck.
2-1" Cerwin Vega MicroCell tweeters
2- Rockford Fosgate 4" Mids
2-Rockford Fosgate 3.5" mids
2-Cheap ass 10MM tweeters.. LOL Pyramid $8.90
Front Door
5.25" Rockford Fosgate
3.5" Rockford Fosgate
Rear deck after install of custom boxes
Audio Control EQX behind center console on the floor tilted toward the front.. Using brail.. Not really.. You could adjust the EQ levels from the front seat ofthe car..
Hinged spare tire compartment for access to the spare tire....
Trunk shot with amp cover on...

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