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  • Z100 Intelligent Keypad 
  • The Z·100 Intelligent Keypad offers advanced IR control of any system and 12 A/V sources in a single-gang design. 

  • One-touch music is available with the sequencing capabilities of this keypad. Simply by selecting a source you can–turn on the system, turn on the source, select and play a disc–all with the press of a single key.
    The Z·100 features bi-colored LEDs that provide feedback for Source Select as well as Music Detect, indicating audio signal presence (when used with the Z·630 Preamp).
    The Z·100’s molded keycaps lend a subtle profile that works well in any decor. Individual micro switches provide audible and tactile feedback when each button is pressed. Assorted keycap options allow labeling options for source and function keys.
    The Z·100 is a learning keypad that is compatible with virtually all IR controllable A/V distribution systems and source components on the market today. Its non-volatile flash memory allows you to program each keypad in-store. Just take the programmed Z·100s out to the job site and put ‘em in the wall.

    Use with ELAN System6, Z·, HD and AV/EC AV-L2 systems, or in any stand-alone system.
     Learning keypad can control up to 12 A/V sources
     Hard keycaps over micro switches
    Optional keycaps for custom source and function labeling
    One-touch music
    Twenty-five 13-step sequences w/ programmable delay gaps and transmission lengths
    Shifted (“*”) functions, one for each key, revert back to main command after being issued
    Uses standard CAT5 wire runs
    Optional Direct Access Companion keypad w/IR Receiver available (Z·150)
    Optional Z·025 Speaker Relay/Audio Detect Switching Module “snaps” right onto the back
    Non-volatile flash memory
    Program & save Z·PAD configurations with VIATOOLS Setup Software
    Power Requirements: 50 m@+12VDC
    Z100 Spec Sheet

  • Z150 Direct Access Companion
  • Add the Z·150 Direct Access Companion to expand the capabilities of a Z·100 to include ten-key numerical select, additional sequences, Z· and HD System EQ control, and local in-room source control. 

  • Directly access tuner stations, CD discs in a multi-disc changer, DSS or DMX music stations, even local TV or cable channels.
    The Z·150 also adds control of a 13th source, which could be a TV or stereo system located in the same room as the keypad.
    And the Z·150 now has a built-in IR receiver.

    Provides ten-key direct access
    Built-in IR receiver
    Select and control a 13th local audio source or TV
    Provides seven additional 13-step sequence
    Provides bass, treble, loudness and enhancement controls for the Z· and HD systems
    Includes quick-connect ribbon cable to the Z·100

  • Z 150 spec sheet




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US$ Call

  • Z200/250 Intelligent Keypad 

  • Introducing the 200 Series of intelligent keypads from ELAN. 

    The new 200 Series Z·PADs feature a non-Decora® format, and therefore larger easy-to-read buttons. Hard keycaps over long-life micro switches provide high-tactile feedback to the user.

    The 200 Series keypads provide LED user feedback for Source Selection, Zone On/Off, System On/Off, Mute, Do-Not-Disturb and Shared Source.

    Both models come with additional keycaps so you can customize each keypad to reflect the homeowner’s sources and most-used functions. Both models also come with a screwless wall plate available in five different colors.

    And, of course, 200 Series keypads are intelligent – meaning that they can “learn” and control just about any source component on the market today. Compatible with Z·090 and VIATOOLS programming software, 200 series Z·PADs are easy to program and have built-in flash memory that allows them be to programmed and tested before being installed.

    Both models have a pre-threaded hole for an optional IR tube, work on a single run of CAT-5 cable, and are compatible with the ELAN System6, Z·Series and HD Series multi-source/multi-zone systems and the AV/EC AV-L2. They can be used in any stand-alone application as well.

    Each 200 series keypad comes with additional keycaps that allow you to customize the button layout for your system. Both the Z·200 and Z·250 ship with 18 extra source-select keycaps plus additional special function buttons. Even more keycap options (forty-eight of them) are sold separately.

    Z·250/Z·200 COMMON FEATURES:
    Large-format keycaps and customizable keycap options
    Feedback for source selection, zone on/off, system on/off, mute, do not disturb, shared use
    Shifted (“*”) functions, one for each key, revert back to main command after being issued
    Fits in a standard single gang box
    Compatible with Z·090 and VIATOOLS
    Non-volatile flash memory
    Optional IR Receiver available (IRTUBE)
    Available in five standard colors (White, Almond, Ivory, Black, Brown)
    Wiring Requirements: CAT-5, Max. 300 feet
    Large-format keycaps and customizable keycap options
    Feedback for Source Selection, Zone On/Off, System On/Off, Mute, Do Not Disturb, Shared Use
    Z·250 DOUBLE GANG:
    13-source, 35-button expanded keypad w/direct access numeric buttons
    13th source-select button for local source (TV) control
    Thirty-two 13-step sequences with programmable delay gaps and transmission lengths
    Optional Z·025 Speaker Relay/Audio Detect Switching Module snaps right onto the back
    Fits in a standard double-gang box
    Power Requirements: 50 mA@ +12VDC, 250mA@+12VDC w/Z·025
    Z·200 SINGLE GANG:
    12-source, 18-button basic keypad
    Twenty-seven 13-step sequences w/programmable delay gaps and transmission lengths
    Power Requirements: 50 mA@+12VDC (Z·200 will not accept Z·025s)



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