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    Access to your audio and video, lighting, temperature and security systems and more with this full-color, compact in-wall, color touch panel. Depending upon your individual needs and space requirements, this sleek 4-inch touch panel provides the opportunity to either affordably step up your control solution from standard inwall keypads, or provides graphical control in spaces where the larger VIA!6.4" either will not fit or where price is a consideration. Stepping up from a keypad to a new VIA!4.0 also means that viewing everything from security cameras to the morning news is now available just about anywhere. 

    The VIA!4.0 is highly flexible and is compatible with every ELAN multi-room controller product. It also can be used in most any home system that you may have, even ones made by other audio/video manufacturers. By storing Infrared (IR) commands inside this product's memory, this truly universal touch panel can control just about anything that responds to IR commands, such as your TV, DVD player and more.

  • 4.0" Color In-Wall Touch Panel 
  • Controls up to 20 audio/video components, lighting, security, temperature and more 
  •  Full-color video monitor/small in-wall TV 
  •  High-quality customized graphics and motifs for each homeowner and each room 
  •  Affordable step-up from standard in-wall keypads 
  •  Customizable graphics and motifs 
  •  Every icon is configurable for single or multiple functions 
  •  Non-volatile flash memory 
  •  Easy to program using VIA!TOOLS Setup Softw 
  •  Compatible with every ELAN multi-room controller 
  •  Universal controller for any system 
  •  Easy retrofit installation 
  •  Optional VIABKT4.0 Rough-In Brackets available 
  •  Ships standard with White frame 
  •  Ivory, Almond, Black & Chrome frames sold separately 
  •  Dimensions: 
  • Connections: System Port (RJ-45), Video IN (“F” connector), Video Loop OUT (“F” connector)
  • Wiring Requirements: Cat-5 (Data), RG-6 or RG-59 coaxial cable (Composite Video) 
  • Power Requirements: +16VDC, 1.0AMounting Height: 56"-60" from floor
  • Viewing Angles: 10° up, 30° down, 45° left/right from center
  • Resolution: 372 (W) x 234 (H) NTSC and PAL compatible (auto-switch)
  • Panel Frame: 5 27/32" (W) x 4 9/16" (H) x 9/32" (D) 149 mm (W) x 116 mm (H) x 7 mm (D) 
  • Panel Depth: 2" / 51mm 
  • Cut-Out:Approx. 4 21/32" (W) x 4 1/16" (H) Approx. 118 mm (W) x 103 mm
VIA 64

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  • VIA64 TouchPanel
  • What is it?

  • VIA!® is a full-color LCD touch panel that can be used to control all of your Audio/Video components and other house-wide electronic systems such as Lighting, Security and Thermostats. It is also a video monitor, allowing you to view anything from security cameras to the Weather Channel at the touch of a button.

    Where should they go?
    VIA!® Touchpanels can go wherever you want them. The kitchen, the master bath, the home theater…wherever you may need system control and video monitoring capabilities. VIA!®s can be flush-mounted in a wall or placed in attractive real-wood tabletop ‘valets’. With seven different trim plates and selectable screen motifs, each panel can be designed to match the décor of any room.

    What can it do?
     Maybe the question should be ‘What can’t it do?’  It can’t brush your teeth - but it can allow you to watch the news or check out the latest stock report while you’re buffing   the pearly whites.
      It can’t prepare lunch - but you’ll able to watch the kids out in the pool while you’re making them sandwiches.
      It can’t answer the door - but you’ll be able to see who’s there before you open it.
      It can’t make a bad movie good - but it can close the drapes, dim the lights and lower the movie screen in your home theater.
      It can’t tuck you in at night - but it can turn out all the lights, lower the temperature and power down all your A/V components as you crawl into bed.

    How does it work?
    Walk up to it. Touch it. Voila!

    VIA!® ‘speaks’ directly to all your audio/video components. No external controller or ‘brain’ is required. And VIA!®’s large, intuitive graphics make it easy to select and control them all. Video and camera monitoring is just as easy - one touch and you’re there. 

    VIA!® system enhancements, such as the SC-4 System Controller enable VIA!® to communicate with and control house-wide electronic systems such as Security, Lighting and Thermostats.
    The award-winning VIA!® graphical user interface is a full-color, easy-to-program LCD touch panel that can be used to control up to twenty audio/video components and whole-house systems such as lighting, temperature and security. It is also a high-quality color monitor that allows you to view video sources such as cable TV, satellite TV and closed circuit TV cameras. The panels can be flush-mounted in a wall or installed in attractive real-wood tabletop valets. With seven different trim plates and over 70 selectable screen motifs, each panel can be designed to match the decor of any room. The 6.4" screen allows for large, user-friendly graphics and eliminates the need to scroll through numerous pages to control A/V components or house-wide systems. And VIA!® is a universal touch screen that can be integrated into any audio/video system.

    Every VIA64 ships standard with a White frame. Additional trim plate options are sold separately:
    Ivory (VIAPLATEI) 
    Almond (VIAPLATEA) 
    Black (VIAPLATEB)
    Brown (VIAPLATEBRN) 
    Brass (VIAPLATEBRS) 
    Chrome (VIAPLATECHR)


  • 20-source/system controller and full- color video monitor
  • High-contrast 6.4" LCD (2.6 Million colors, 372x234 Pixel Resolution)
  • High-quality customized graphics and motifs for each homeowner & each room
  • Touch-sensitive overlay—no buttons
  • Large display area
  • Every icon is configurable for single or multiple functions
  • Non-volatile flash memory ensures all programming is maintained in the event of a power outage and allows for in-shop programming Built-in IR window for optional IR receiver on all models except Brass & Chrome
  • Connections: System Port (RJ45), Local Port (RJ45), Video IN (“F” connector), Video OUT (“F” connector), Power Terminal (bare wire) Wiring Requirements: 8-conductor CAT-5 (Data), RG6 or RG59 coaxial cable (Composite Video), min. 18 AWG 2-conductor twisted-pair (Power)
  • Power Requirements: +16VDC, 1.0A
  • Can be installed in retrofit applications using enclosure or frame screws
  • Optional VIABKT64 Rough-In Brackets are also available in quantities of six
  • Viewing Angles: 60° up, 35° down, 45° left/right from center, 52" – 58" mounting height
  • Panel Frame Dimensions: 5.28" x 7.34" x .29"
  • Panel Depth Dimensions: 1.94"
  • Cut-Out Dimensions: Approx. 4-7/8" x 6-1/4" (use provided cut-out template for exact dimensions)

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  • The ultimate in bedside or desktop control, the VIA!® Valet compliments any decor with its handcrafted finishes. Made from select Kentucky hardwoods and then finished in a choice of rich colors, these valets include a base with soft rubber feet to prevent marring or scratching of furniture finishes and a 45° adjustable tilt. 

      Ice White 
      Piano Black 
      Dark Cherry 
      Unfinished (Not Shown)

    Perfect for home office, home theater, or on a night table
    Redesigned for 2002 with a sleeker, rounded base and easy rear-panel access to the Download Port and Brightness Control
    Made from select Kentucky hardwoods
    45° adjustable tilt
    Overall Dimensions: 8" H x 8.25" W x 7.25" D

Wireless Via Pad

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    VIA!, the best-selling, multi award-wining LCD touch panel from ELAN Home Systems, has gone wireless! Introducing the VIA!2-8.4 Wireless Touch Panel – a powerful combination of wireless control technology and systems integration and automation for the home.

    Bold and beautiful color graphics on this large 8.4” display make for an exciting, user-friendly experience every time you lay your finger on it. The high-brightness LCD display features stunning selectable ‘motifs’ that allow you to customize the look and feel of the display to match personal tastes and room decors. 

    With 8.4 inches of diagonal screen area, each and every custom layout features large, easy-to-read buttons and text for the control of audio/video components, lighting, temperature, drop-down screens, projection lifts, drapes, blinds and more. Sleek-looking and light-weight, the VIA!2-8.4 fits comfortably in your hands and is easy to carry around. An attractive tabletop recharge/docking cradle is included with each wireless panel. 
    Full-color 8.4 in. graphical user interface provides wireless control of home theater & ELAN systems 
     High-brightness LCD display 
     Sleek, light-weight design for easy handling 
     Stunning décor-matching “motifs” 
     User-friendly buttons and text on every layout 
     Long-range, interference-free 8.02.11b/g WiFi communications protocol 
     Recharge/docking cradle included; additional cradles sold separately 
    Spring 2006 Release Notes: 
     A VIA!2-SS1 is required for each VIA!2-8.4 Wireless Touch Panel 
     Internet access via built-in modem or Ethernet downloads cover art, titles and song lists 
     Feedback from 2-way serial drivers requires interconnection to an SC4 System Controller 
     A dedicated network and wireless access point (WAP) are required for the VIA!2-8.4 

  •    Display: 8.4 in. High Brightness LCD 
  •    Wireless LAN: Internal 8.02.11b/g
  •    Host Port:USB HID compliant
  •    Viewing Angles: 600 up, 350 down, 450 left/right from center
  •    Operating Temperature: 32-1040F (00- 400C)
  •    Power: 12VDC, 3.5A 
  •    Weight w/Internal Battery:1.9 lbs/.86kg 
  •  Dimensions:  (in.) 9-7/16 W x 7-15/16 H x 13/16 D
VIA!®2-SS1 System Station

US$ Call

    The companion piece to the VIA!2-8.4, the SS1 System Station is the “brains” behind the user-friendly control afforded by ELAN’s new wireless touch panel. First, the VIA!2-SS1 is a translator, converting each button press on the wireless panel into commands that all your other system components will understand. Secondly, the SS1 is an intelligent, multi-faceted controller. After interpreting the wireless commands from the touch panel, the SS1 is capable of issuing IR and RS-232 serial commands that control all of your audio/video components. Its on-board sense inputs and relay outputs provide automation features that can instantly lower the motorized projection screen in your home theater or open the relaycontrolled drapes in the master bedroom. And the SS1 interfaces easily with ELAN’s other serial controllers, providing wireless access to whole-house lighting, security and temperature control systems from a VIA!2-8.4.
  •  Companion piece to the VIA!2-8.4 Wireless Touch Panel 
  •  Translates wireless touch panel commands for component/system control 
  •  All-in-one IR, RS-232, Sense & Relay system controller 
  •  The ideal controller for home theater control & automation 
  •  Easy integration with ELAN SC4, SR1, S12, VIA!dvdj & Z•880 
  •  Long-range, interference-free 8.02.11b/g WiFi communications protocol 
  •  Recharge/docking cradle included; additional cradles sold separately 
  • Spring 2006 Release Notes: 
  •  A VIA!2-SS1 is required for each VIA!2-8.4 Wireless Touch Panel 
  •  Feedback from 2-way serial drivers requires interconnection to an SC4 System Controller 
  •  1-way serial drivers for local control of RS-232 subsystems can be loaded directly into the SS1 
  •  A dedicated network and wireless access point (WAP) are required for the VIA!2-8.4 
  •  General: 
  •    IR Outputs (12)/ALL Port: 3.5 mm mono jack, 100mA 
  •    EXT IR Input: 3.5 mm mono jack ,12VDC active high Relays (8)
  •    Type: NO/NC closed contact relay
  •    Maximum Rated Load: 1A @ 24VDC
  •    DC Relay Power: 30VDC @ 1.2A
  •    Sense Inputs (6) Type: closed-contact
  •    Connector: 3.5 mm stereo jack
  •    Power: 5VDC
  •    COM Ports (4): RS-232 DB-9 connectors, 110-115.2K Baud
  •    HOST/ELAN Ports: RS-232 DB-9 connectors, 110-115.2K Baud
  •    IR Link Ports: DB-15 connector
  •    VIA! Net Port: ELAN standard RJ-45
  •    Ethernet Port: TIA568A standard RJ-45 10 BaseT
  •    Power Requirements: 12VDC @ 200mA nominal,
  •    ELAN 1.2A power supply (incl.) 
  •  Dimensions: 
  •     (in.) 9-7/16 W x 7-15/16 H x 13/16 D 

Via Ole
Wireless Via Pad

US$ Call

  • Olé™ 

  • Film Interactive Touchpad 
    Introducing Olé - a breakthrough user interface that marries the magic and beauty of touch screen technology, the simplicity of a keypad and the dynamic interaction of a graphical organic LED (OLED) display to bring you a whole new way of easily controlling your in-home entertainment - your way! 

    The world's first Film Interactive Touchpad, every Olé can be personalized with an inspired collection of slide-in films in a wide variety of colors, styles and themes. These beautiful, photographic-quality films slide easily into the touchpad, transforming each in-wall controller into a work of functional art that enables easy, intuitive control of your multi-room entertainment system. It's a FIT! 

    And you choose the level of system control for every room. Each of Olé's 36 different film styles is available in 13-Function Layout, 17 Function Layout and 25-Function Layout, allowing you to select basic, intermediate or complete control of your multi-room A/V system.

    Olé also features an Organic LED (OLED) display with full-color graphical icons and text that serve as an informative guide as you navigate through your favorite music and video source selections, providing you with instant, friendly feedback. 

    Finely-contoured frames in two sophisticated styles, Standard and Euro, further enhance Olé's décor-matching capabilities. And each frame comes in seven different colors: White, Light Almond, Almond, Ivory, Brown, Black and a beautiful Satin Chrome finish. 

    Olé! It's a FIT - anywhere and everywhere.
     The world’s first Film Interactive Touchpad (F.I.T.) 
     All the speed, response & graphics of a touch screen 
     All the ease-of-use, simplicity-of-programming and affordability of a keypad 
     Customize the level of control in each room with 13-, 17- & 25-function layouts 
     Personalize the look of each Olé with over 1500 different décor-matching combinations (upon initial release) 
     36 slide-in film styles 
    108 designer films, with more to come 
    2 wall plate styles, each available in 7 different colors 

     65,000 color, 16-bit OLED display provides real-time graphical feedback 
     Largest touch-control area of any 2-gang product on the market today 

     Light sensor for auto dimming & brightening 
     Audible touch feedback through built-in speaker 
     Integrated IR receiver 
     IR In/Out port on back for quick connection of external IR signals 
     Quick & easy programming 
     USB port for easy downloads 
     Compatible with all ELAN multi-room controllers 
     Compatible with any stand-alone system 
     Programming with ELAN VIA!TOOLS® 
     Centralized programming of networked Olé dramatically reduces programming time & costs 
     Fits in a standard 2-gang box 
     Patent-Pending, one-of-a-kind design, backed by 16 years of experience &
    a 2-year warranty 
       Screen Size: 3-3/4 in. diagonal
       Viewing Angle: 180° up/down, 180° left/right
       Operating Temp: 32°F-104°F / 0°C-40°C
       OLED Display
       Type: 1.2" Organic LED (OLED)
       Colors: 65K
       Resolution: 96 pixels (W) x 64 pixels (H)
       System Port: RJ-45
       Interface Port: 5-position screw terminal
       Download Port: Mini USB
       Wiring Requirements: Cat-5
       Power Requirements: 12VDC/150mA or 16VDC/150mA
       Fits in 32 cu in. double-gang electrical box
       Unit Weight: 14 oz./0.4kg
       Shipping Weight: 16 oz./0.45kg 
     Dimensions: (w/Wall Plate)     (in.) 4-5/8 (W) x 4-5/8 (H) x 1-3/16 (D)
    Dimensions: (w/o Wall Plate)     (in.) 4-7/16 (W) x 4-7/16 (H) x 1-1/8 (D)
    7 Frame Color Options are Available in Standard and Euro. From
    Left to Right: White, Light Almond, Almond, Ivory, Brown, Black& Satin Chrome.

    Olé ships with Traditional Film Style in Standard White Frame. Other films and frames sold separately


US$ Call

  • VIA!dj™ is a digital audio storage and music management system with a 160 gigabyte hard drive that gives you instant access to all your music from any VIA!® Touchpanel or television in the home. With four discrete pairs of audio outputs, having one VIA!dj™ is like having four separate CD changers – each one capable of independently playing any song from your entire music collection – instantly, from any room. 

  • Navigation is easy and intuitive with the large, full-color graphics displayed on the touch panels. View the cover art of each CD. Select the music you want to listen to by artist name, CD title or song title, or select entire genres to listen to. Make your own play lists. Play back any CD, play list or genre randomly or sequentially—and do it all from anywhere you have a VIA!® Touchpanel.

    The VIA!dj™ was designed with both multi-room and home theater audio in mind. Three pairs of analog audio outputs are used to distribute music throughout the house. Just like having three CD changers connected to the system, these three audio outputs allow you to listen to different tracks in different rooms simultaneously. The dj’s fourth audio output is digital and can be connected directly to the digital inputs of a home theater A/V receiver or processor. VIA!dj™ graphics can then be viewed, and the dj controlled, by a VIA!® Touchpanel in the home theater. Or the graphics can be displayed on the theater’s large screen TV, and controlled using the VIA!dj™ handheld remote (included). The VIA!dj™ can even record DTS 5.1 encoded audio CDs for home theater playback. 

    VIA!dj™’s CD-ROM drive allows you to record CDs at up to four times normal speed, and you can even listen to previously recorded music during the recording process. A built-in modem dials up on-line music information services and automatically downloads cover art and song lists. Data can also be downloaded using a DSL or cable modem connection through a Home Network. MP3 audio can be recorded in this fashion and added to your music collection.

  • Fast, easy access to your entire music collection from VIA!® Touchpanels and TVs
  • Select music by artist, CD, track, genre or play lists
  • 160GB hard drive stores approximately 2,800 hours of music (compressed) or 250 hours (uncompressed)
  • 3 discrete analog audio outputs for independent Whole-House distribution
  • 1 digital audio output for Home Theater enjoyment
  • 4 recording qualities: 128kB, 192kB, 320kB and uncompressed
  • Records DTS 5.1 encoded audio CDs for Home Theater playback (uncompressed only)
  • Internet access via built-in modem or Ethernet downloads cover art, titles and song lists
  • Ethernet capable Ð transfer MP3 files, maintain and update cataloged music
  • NTSC or PAL compatible
  • Available in 80, 160, and 250 GB Versions

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