Global Warming is it real or not?
Our Beautiful Planet!!
People that believe that Global Warming is not real are either blind to the facts,  have some monetarily stake in fossil fuels,  or do not understand the interaction of human beings with the natural world.

I will give you a few things to think about that are simple to understand.

Global warming is NOT about whether it is hot today, or cold today, it is about extremes... Extreme temperatures, cold or hot, Extreme weather patterns, extreme droughts, extreme floods etc..

Laws of Thermodynamics

The main one you need to think about is the fact that all energy in the universe remains constant. It cannot be either created or destroyed. It is merely transformed into another form of energy.  Heat, Sound, Light, etc.

Think about this..  Think about the things you do every day with the energy at your disposal..

    1. When you drive, you use gasoline to propel yourself, right... How do you slow down?  You apply the brakes.. How do the brakes slow you down?? Friction of the brake pads aginst the brake rotor, and what does friction create?? Hot brake rotors.. So you burn fossil fuels  to speed up, then you use friction to slow you down, over and over and over and over again.. So basically you burn fossil fuels and produce heat from it when you slow down. This does not even address the carbon emissions.

    2.  When you turn on an incandescent light bulb what do you do? You use energy to produce light energy, and of course heat energy. That is why the bulb gets hot. .  Most of the energy when you turn on the lights is transformed into heat energy.

    3. When you take a shower in the morning what do you? You use energy to heat up the water.. So again you transform the burning of coal, natural gas, or some form of fuel to create HOT water.  

    4. When you cook on the stove what do you do? You either burn natural gas, coal, fossil fuels,  to produce heat through conduction with electric elements or convection with natural gas to cook your food.  Again you transform energy into heat energy. This is the same for a microwave.

    5. When you crank up your car/home stereo what do you do. You use energy to produce sound energy and what...?   Heat energy as your amplifiers get hot!!

    6.  When you turn on a fan what do you do?  You use energy to turn the motor, the motor produces heat and of course wind.  Same deal energy transformed into heat.

    There are many many examples in everyones daily life. As you can see there are many forms of energy used to produce heat energy in the end.  This does not even address using energy to heat up your house, business, car, etc.

Will we all just sit here on our hands, acting like this is not real until it is too late to do anything about it.. This is about the world we live in, this is not some throw away commodity that we can just buy over again.  Will we be like everyone and just deny everything until it smacks us and our children in the face?  Will we be like Michael Vick, Marion Jones, Eliot Spitzer, larry Craig, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, and all the others liars that deny everything until they can deny no longer? We all can make a difference as a group. Small things on a large  scale will make a difference.  We need to do something before it is too late.

  • The Evidence is in, Global Warming is Real and if we all do not do a small part to help, our kids grandchildren may not have a very nice world to live in. 
  • The only ones refuting the evidence released a few weeks ago in a international report on global warming are people like Exxon, and the ones dumping Co2 into the atmosphere.
  • People in the US use far more energy and therefore add more Co2 per capita than any other country of thre world. We are generally very wasteful and inconsiderate of the environmental impact we have. 

  • The World is getting hotter and hotter, 10 of the hottest years on record have been in the last 14 years with the hottest being 2005. 
  • The polar ice caps are slowly but surely starting to melt. 
  • The world has about 6.4 Billion people in it with an estimated capacity of 8 Billion.
  • If we all do not conserve in some way. All of the resources we rely on every day will be all used up. Resources are not endless.
  • We rely so much on foreign oil , no wonder we are over there fighting.

  • Just think about it when you go about your daily routine. There will be little decisions you make that can be either wasteful, or conservative. 
  • 1) Leaving a light on when not in the room. 
  • 2) Leaving the hot water running in the shower when you are not in there.
  • 3) Taking 30 minute showers.
  • 4) Leaving the water running in the kitchen sink.
  • 5) Leaving the TV on all night when you go to sleep.
  • 6) Throwing everything away and not recycling.
  • 7) Using incandecent light bulbs instead of the new CFL ones.
  • 8) Leaving the computer running all night.
  • 9) Having a low tire on your car makes its gas milage go down
  •  10) Leaving your car running while waiting somewhere , whatever you are waiting for... Stoplight, drive-through, waiting at school to pickup your kids.

  • I am sure we can think of many.

  • Take a look at for more information

  • I would suggest everyone take a hour and watch "An Inconvenient Truth" . It is an eyeopener to say the least.

  • 6/26/08

    A new report by the NOAA,  the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration,  stating that w4e should expect more of what is going on currently in the coming years.  Flooding, Drought,  Intense storms like the  1000's of  tornadoes this year in the midwest.

    Journal of Science released a study in France showing that a significant amount of plant species are shifting their  place of growth higher up on mountians migrating towards the cooler temperatures..
    Another Study by the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences showing changes in the water temperature have catered to fish species that adapt better to the increase in temperature.  Species that  cannot adapt are dying and  moving to more appropriate areas where water temperature is  cooler and they can survive.

    A head Scientist from Nasa stated that we are in a dire situation and that if we do not  reduce carbon emmisions to levels of 20 years ago, we are "Toast"

    Tony Blair, Former PM of England pleas with the world to do something about climate change before it is too late.

    Scientists say that there is a 50/50 chance that there will be NO ice in the north pole for the first time in recorded huistory.

    Michael Jackson wrote a song in 1995 called Earth Song on the History album. He  plea for people to look at their destruction of our planet, he was way ahead of his time im this attempting a plea to his vast audience that sometimes does not see the news.. Take a listen, and read the lyrics, there is a lot of reality. Remember this was 13 years ago.

    Especially the last line, "Do We Give a Dam"

    Get your head out of the sand, stand up and look around?  If you cannot see, you are blinded by something. Will we all just wait till the last minute, till it is too late, and the damage to our Earth will be irreversable? Unfortunately I think the answer is YES!


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