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EBay.com and PayPal
Well here you can sell stolen stuff and look legit.. All you need is a free hotmail account. A must for every thief with comfy aura of Ebay.. You think you are walking into Circuit City .. But you are walking into the biggest swapmeet on the planet.. All encompassed by this false blanket called EBay.. Heck they are endorsed by AOL , they must be legit.. Keep in mind you are not buying off Ebay. You are buying from an individual on Ebay.. If they rip you off Ebay will not help you.. They do not Police their service.. They just collect $5-10 per post..and 5.75% of the total sale price, and if you use PayPal another 3%. So E-bay makes out bigtime , even if you are selling stolen stuff.
They have a good rating so they must be good.. Wrong.. You can post your own evaluations and make yourself look like A++++ service, speedy delivery.. etc.. I have seen sellers with the same exact post 20 times in a row all by the same buyer..
Ebay is the only place a 15 year old kid can sell a 20K Plasma TV and accept Visa/MC through PayPal for the transaction.

Ebay is the only place that a person can conduct business without having any "Characteristics" of a business i.e Business license, resale number, or a merchant account.

ATTN ALL:  Louis Vatton  get a judgement against EBAY... YES EBAY for 63 Million Dollars, for Ebay allowing and facilitating the sale of counterfeit Louis Vatton , Hand Bags, Wallets, and Accs.. ... Cause.. Anything goes on EeeeeBaaayyyy!!!
This will be the first of many cause 1/2 of the stuff on Ebay is illegitimate or scandelous in some way.. . Hopefully they will take Ebay ndown to what they were originally designed for, Selling OLD, USED , stuff from the garage and grandma's closet.  Ebay allows too many thing to go on on their service and they do little or nothing about it . Ebay does not act on anything cause if they really cut off the illegitimate sellers on ebay, selling gray gear, stolen, broken, non-existent,  no serial numbers, Ebay will cut out a lot of their revenue.  This leaves Ebay in a delimma I am sure., so they will just leave bad enough alone and keep the mpney flowing.. Regardless of the scams on there..

New Article from 2003 , 6/18/08
Man Arrested in a 1 million dollar Ebay SCAM in 03.. The seller was verified bu their SquareTrade certification service..
These certification services are great for these guys. Where you can get the good feeling and reinforcement that your ripoff scam is a great idea for the low low price of $29.95 a month. Your customers will feel comfortable knowing they are being ripped off  by a company certified as legitimate...

An Ebay spokesman fires back with , and I quote , " uhhhhhh Yah, Yah, Sorry about that." Then broke into a metallica guitar solo.

New 5/27/08
Sex and the City Fans Lose  $19,000 on fraudulent ebay posts for premier tickets..

Scarborough Country
SCARBOROUGH:  Millions of Americans turn to eBay to sell their old junk.  But while your Aunt Edna is bidding for a great deal on that designer handbag, what she doesn‘t know and what you don‘t know is that it could be stolen.  CNBC‘s Scott Cohn explains in this hidden camera investigation how the hot deals on eBay may really be hot deals.

SCOTT COHN, CNBC CORRESPONDENT (voice-over):  You‘re watching 21st-century shoplifters at work.  In less than a minute, this band of thieves swarms the shelves, making off with $14,000 worth of handbags.  This guy bags 10 suits in a matter of seconds, while his accomplice tries the block the camera.

It used to be that thieves like these would unload stolen merchandise at pawn shops, flea markets, or right on the street.  But today they have a much more profitable way to fence stolen goods:  Internet auction sites like eBay.

(on screen):  Could you have made as much money were it not for eBay?

JOHN, CONVICTED SHOPLIFTER:  No, because pawn shops are local; eBay is at least nationwide.  It‘s becoming worldwide.  If you were selling at a pawn shop, you would be doing it a lot less volume.

COHN (voice-over):  We‘ll call him “John.”  We agreed to conceal his identity in exchange for a rare look at the shadowy world of e-fencing.  An unlikely criminal, a graduate student in his mid-20s who e-fenced his way through school.

(on screen):  How much money did you make?

JOHN:  Close to $40,000, $45,000.

COHN:  Forty-five thousand?  That‘s a lot of money for a college student.

JOHN:  Yes.

COHN (voice-over):  Before John was arrested and charged with multiple counts of felony theft, he made off with hundreds of headphones, shavers, rechargeable batteries, and GPS devices from national chains like Target and Best Buy.  He‘d alter the barcodes on the products so, at checkout, the scanners would ring up prices far below what the items really cost.  He‘d then sell the merchandise on eBay for closer to retail, getting, say, $400 for an item he paid $30 for, almost pure profit.

Rob Chestnut, a former federal prosecutor, is eBay‘s senior vice president for rules, trust, and safety.

(on screen): The National Retail Federation told us that criminals are using eBay as a national fencing operation, which is a pretty strong charge.  Is that going on?

ROB CHESTNUT, EBAY SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT:  Whenever stolen property is put on eBay, it is, to some extent, national fencing.  And there‘s no question in my mind that eBay gets abused by people who‘ve got stolen property.

COHN:  I‘m going to ask you to respond to I guess kind of the cynical view of all of this, which is that eBay makes money on every transaction, eBay doesn‘t lose anything, so why should you lift a finger?

CHESTNUT:  It‘s a cynical view, but I think it‘s one that misunderstands, you know, eBay‘s business model and what we‘re based on.  EBay is based on trust; eBay is based on trust between buyers and sellers.  And what happens, in eBay has crime on the site, if stolen property became a significant issue on eBay, buyers simply wouldn‘t trust, and they would go elsewhere.

>>>> What does trust have anything to do with buying stolen gear for 1/2 of the cost...

COHN:  Do you ever worry that eBay would catch you?

JOHN:  No.  I wasn‘t worried about eBay.

COHN:  EBay didn‘t catch this thief; store security did.  But plenty of others remain, lurking in the shadows of the most successful auction site in the world.

JOHN:  The more I sold, the more they made.

MSNBC "Business Nation" Special report
How eBay Became Big Source of Stolen Goods: CNBC's Cohn

EBay may be one of the biggest sources of stolen merchandise in the country, according to CNBC senior correspondent Scott Cohn.

>> What I have been saying all along people..

No cheer for Duff beer eBay crime
BRISBANE, Australia (AP) -- A woman has pleaded guilty to selling on eBay three nonexistent cases of Duff brand beer -- the favorite of cartoon character Homer Simpson.
Tara Edith Woodford, 28, pleaded guilty in the Mackay Magistrates Court in northern Queensland state on Wednesday to three charges of dishonestly gaining money by false pretenses.
Prosecutor Gavin Burnett told the court Woodford was paid a total of Aust. $1,951 ($1,511) by three separate buyers after advertising the bogus beer on the eBay Internet auction site.
Woodford was placed on 18 months' probation, and was ordered to reimburse the money and undergo counseling.

>>> Wow 18 months probation.. Not to bad for a Felony level dollar amount..

Three Sentenced in eBay Fencing Scam
Two men and one woman were sentenced to prison terms Tuesday after pleading guilty to defrauding home improvement giants The Home Depot Inc. and Lowe's Companies Inc. of more than $200,000 by selling improperly obtained store cards and merchandise on eBay.

FTC: At least $548 million lost to identity theft
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said it received 635,000 consumer complaints in 2004 as criminals sold nonexistent products through online auction sites like eBay Inc. or went shopping with stolen credit cards.
Auction fraud was the most common Internet scam, the FTC said in its annual fraud report, followed by complaints about online shopping and Internet access service.
Auction fraud was the most common Internet scam, the FTC said in its annual fraud report, followed by complaints about online shopping and Internet access service.

FTC Top Complaints of 2004 Identity Theft and Fraud 36%, Internet Auctions 16%

Study: Most of U.S. Net crime at auctions
Given the popularity of auction Web sites such as eBay's, which attracts 16 million users per month, it's not surprising that 87 percent of online fraud in 2000 was estimated to be related to such auctions, according to Rob Janes, eMarketer analyst. The average cost per victim of Net fraud was pretty high, on the order of $600, he said.

San Francisco Chronicle 2/2/05

Complaints about Internet auctions were the fastest-growing category in an annual Federal Trade Commission report on fraud released Tuesday. They almost doubled to 98,650 in 2004, up from 51,000 in 2002, and accounted for 16 percent of all complaints.

The total number of complaints about Internet-related crimes -- including fraudulent auctions, Internet services and scams in which the consumer was contacted or responded via the Internet -- was 205,568. The crimes cost consumers $265 million, with a median loss of $214, the FTC said

here's a certain percentage of our population that are con artists and scammers, let's say it's about 3 percent,'' said Rosalinda Baldwin, CEO of TheAuctionGuild.com, an upstate New York site that acts as a watchdog and information provider for online auction users. "As those people get more Net savvy, their business in the analog world is just going to move online."

"It behooves a person who is thinking about transacting business online to become educated," said David Steiner, president of AuctionBytes.com in Massachusetts. "It's not an innocent little playground anymore."

Some online auction fans have gone even further. Frustrated that auction leader eBay, as they see it, isn't sufficiently proactive about hunting down con artists, they've taken matters into their own hands.

False bids, fake receipts

Self-styled auction vigilantes try to combat online scammers by giving them a taste of their own medicine. Some submit false bids to auctioneers they believe are crooks, including sending fake Western Union receipts to trick the auction-holders into thinking they've landed a sale.

"We bait (scammers). We waste their time," said Keith, the moderator of a site called TheScamBaiter.com. He declined to give his last name for fear of reprisals from scammers.

"This weekend, a friend and I 'bought' 30 or 40 Super Bowl tickets from Romanian scammers," he said. "If we get four or five people baiting a single scammer, he has his hands full. He thinks he's going to get all this money."

Keith said he spends a couple of hours a day "baiting" auction scammers, fitting it in around his job as a Virginia building contractor.

"We've done a lot more damage to the scammers than eBay has ever done. We have it down to a science, where we're really confident whoever we're going after (is a fraudulent seller)," he said.

EBay spokesman Hani Durzy said the company does not condone such practices.

"We believe there is a very clear line between community activism and vigilantism," he said. "Anybody who takes what we consider to be un-eBay like actions against other users because of an assertion they have, we request our community refrain from doing that."

Only a small fraction of 1 percent of eBay listings is confirmed to be fraudulent, Durzy said. Last year the company hosted 1.4 billion listings, including both auction and fixed-price items.

"In the grand scheme of things, it's a very rare occurrence on eBay," he said. "Fraud is not completely eliminated on eBay nor on any other open, transparent market."

Some eBay watchers say the company does all it can to downplay fraud complaints because it doesn't want to scare customers away.

EBay is horrible," said Baldwin of TheAuctionGuild.com. "If you report too many scam sellers on the site, if eBay does anything about them, it's a miracle. And if you get too vocal about it, especially if you talk to a reporter, eBay suspends you. That's crazy. They don't want people hearing about fraud."

Marcy Fraser, who works in administration at UCSF, said she was disappointed with eBay's response when she bought a $150 mini-disk recorder that arrived dented and unusable.

"The auction company response was pathetic," she said. "I tried to do the eBay and PayPal (eBay's online payment service) mediation. They were both completely useless. They make you fill out a bunch of forms, make you wait, do what they call an investigation, which is basically sending e-mails to the sender, so it's your word against theirs."

After returning the damaged item and unsuccessfully requesting her money back, Fraser said she contacted police in the seller's hometown of Wilton, Conn. "Ultimately the problem was solved by a resourceful police detective, and my money was finally returned," she said.

SAN RAMON 2/1/05
Grand jury indicts man in ticket scam

A San Ramon man has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges that he defrauded eBay users out of more than $93,000 in auctions for sports tickets and Rolex watches.
Gilbert Vartanian, 33, pleaded not guilty Thursday in U.S. District Court in Sacramento on an indictment returned by a federal grand jury in the capital . He was arrested Friday in Fremont on 12 counts of mail fraud.
Vartanian offered tickets to events for the New York Knickerbockers, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia 76ers and the New York Jets and for boxing and auto racing events, authorities said.
He told customers to mail checks and money orders to his private mailbox but never delivered the merchandise that he offered, federal prosecutors said.

Vartanian victimized at least 10 people out of $93,324, the indictment said.

>>>> $93,000 and all you are charged with is mail fraud!!!

New 2/22/2006
Finest Deals

Our Warranty provided by FinestDeals:

We exchange/repair defective merchandise for the same model under the following conditions :
* It is returned to us, at purchasers expense including funds for return shipment.
* Item is accompanied by a letter explaining the defect.
* Item was professionally installed. (Installation receipt may be required.)
* Item shows no sign of abuse.
* The purchaser has had the item "Bench Tested" prior to installation, to discover any factory defect. (Bench Test receipt may be required.)
* The return is in the original box with all packaging material, manuals, warranty cards and everything else that came with it.
* Purchaser must email us to receive the Authorization for Return and state the Invoice number, the make and model of the item and the defect.
* Purchaser is responsible for shipping and proof of delivery on all returns.
* Please allow 14 business days for your return to be processed.
* In the event of a model year change we reserve the right to substitute a comparable model
* Once the return is processed we will replace/repair it and ship it back to the Purchaser at their expense. Sorry, No Refunds for any reason.

>>>bench tested prior to install??? Bench test receipt?? Who tests their stuff before installing??? No-One not even a stereo shop..


Registrant Contact:
   RegisterFly.com - Ref# 16923625
   Whois Protection Service - ProtectFly.com (16923625.fly@spamfly.com)
   Fax: +1.8456984014
   P.O. Box 969
   Margaretville, NY 12455

>>> So you and no manufacturer can figure out who they are and where they are actually located.. Typical

Address 19046 Bruce B Downs Blvd #81 Tampa FL 33647

So the address does not match where the Ebay posts say it is shipping from.. Here is a sattelite picture of the location Looks like the side of the road.. Click to enlarge

UPDATE 11/28/2008
They have now shown up as a new site. Registered in 3/08
Just look at the address, same deal, the usual, rip people off, then disappear and open another URL. The net is a joke sometimes!!!

New 1/25/05
SoundGoodies/National Audio Center on eBay, same company, same garage
Customer Testimonial

Whois Search
Registrant Contact:
   national audio center
   National Audio Center Inc. (sales@nationalaudiocenter.com)
   3337 S Bristol #211
   Santa Ana, CA 92704

Administrative Contact:
   national audio center
   Shabnam Kaeni (ebay@sileighty.net)
   Fax: none
   11 Cavaillon
   Newport Coast, CA 92657
Whois Look up

 Sound Goodies
 1700 S. Grand Ave.
 Santa Ana, CA 92705


 Administrative Contact:
    Nguyen, Dung  soundgoodies@yahoo.com
    1700 S. Grand Ave.
    Santa Ana, CA 92705

Customer Testimonial
Both the same seller. i bought a infinity kappa perfect 6.1, and when i got
it, there were serial #'s literally SCRAPED off, i called them, they said we
do not know what you are talking about. They said full manufacturers
warranty to us on the phone, but no, no manufacturers warranty.

this guy was about 15-16 years old tops, said he was the owner, as i
attempted to go by his literal GARAGE to try to return the stuff. he told me
to "fuck off" a proceeded to the local police office for an investigation
request. all his items must be stolen.

i know they are the same people as my freind thought to buy from national
audio center, same story, and i bought from soundgoodies. same phone #, same
address. TERRIBLE!

let me know, please post for all public to see and research into this

let me know as we are taking them to small claims court,

helpppppp, helppppppppp!

johnny. "Johnny Carbone" <e4603m3@hotmail.com>

New 11/1/04   Nice Ebayer here
PO BOX 772953

Mobile Power
PO Box 772763
Houston, Tx 77215

Music Box
PO Box 772763
Houston , TX 77215

>>> 3 Seperate Auctions--- Same Product--- 3 Seperate names all to the same P.O. Box.. Nice..

Ripped some guy off on some Sony gear.. Guy called me thinking I was this dealer..

NEW 7/20/04 IkeSound Customer Testimonial..
I was glancing at the companies that you list as fraudelent or shady, and the first thing that came into my mind was "I wonder if Ikesound is on here." Haha sure enough it was. I had bought a capacitor from that seller through Ebay some time back. I thought I needed a 5 farad cap because my subs weren't working and I thought the 1 farad wasn't cutting it. Turned out my fuse was blown. To this day I still have the 5 farad capacitor because everytime I tried to contact them to receive a "Return Authorization Number" Anthony, the tech guy in charge of returns, would always give me the run-around. I'd email him once sometimes twice a day, but each time he'd respond by saying "Please include all emails between us so I know what you're talking about." Even though I met all of the qualifications for a return(as stated on their site) I still couldn't return it, despite it never being used, tested, or even opened, and I contacted them well before the 30-day return period. The closest answer I got from them was "Well, you thought it was the cap before the fuse and we're not responsible for your mistake." Guess I'll take that one as money lost and a lesson learned. Keep continuing the good work of informing people about dishonest and illegeal reps, otherwise they will learn the hardway as I did.

Also note that in their return policy they state that items must be installed by professionals, when I told them that it was installed by Best Buy, they had the audacity to tell me that Best Buy isn't a professional installer?!?! Then what classifies as professionals?!?! . The topper was when they told me that a capacitor "doesn't effect power supply of any system it was not going to solve any problems." WHAT?!?! Of course a cap effects power supply, it keeps your system from draining your battery and ruining your alternator. That's why when you put a cap in, your lights don't dim!!! They also said that refunds aren't issued on non-defective items. But if you look closely, there policy also states that refunds aren't issued on
defective products either, only repaired or replaced, basically they don't refund anything for any reason. What a terrible company, customer service geared anyways.

Return Policy page   (http://www.ikesound.com/file_include-file/return)

"We offer a one-year warranty on all products***. The warranty is provided through Ikesound.com.
>>No indication of what the *** refers to..

"Note that in all circumstances, our warranty will be voided if: evidence of improper installation,evidence of water damage. evidence of physical abuse,If any item purchased from Ikesound was not installed by a professional. We reserve the right to ask for written proof of professional installation.,There is evidence of misuse including accidental or intentional abuse. This includes but may not be limited to driving an amplifier into clipping, or pushing a subwoofer at constant high volumes, "

>>Driving an amp to clipping??? Pushing a sub at constant high volumes?? Isn't that what amps and subs are for???

"Return Policy for all manufacturers:
Any return that does not have a return authorization number written on the outside of the package will not be accepted. We only ship to the address we have on file. Ikesound.com has the sole discretion as to what is warrantied. Also Ikesound.com is not responsible for any shipping charges.

For returns made 14 days from date of receipt, payment will be refunded less shipping and handling if a refund is wanted. The item has to be complete in order to receive a refund. If an item is found defective within 14 days, the customer does not have to pay the $29 return fee to receive the replacement unit.
($29 return fee???)
After 14 days from your receipt date, defective items may be repaired or replaced at Ikesound's discretion (*** Except Alpine products, which are only repaired***.) The customer pays $29 return fee, which covers shipping, handling and insurance back to them.


Another Scam place created by E-bay.. The only place you can sell stolen products and use PayPal to accept any major credit cards

A story from my own business..
Had an italian customer order $625 worth of SoundStream products... The Customer did not want to pay much for shipping so I had it sent US Post Office surface freight which is 6-8 weeks shipping.. 5 weeks into the shipping time the customer charges the PayPal payment back.. Paypal extracts the monay from my PayPal account. In the mean time 2 days after this the customer sends me an e-mail saying the products arrived and thanked me for getting it to him.. I e-mail this to PayPal and also send a scan of the shipping receipt from US Post Office.. PayPal basically did not care at all.. Now they have sent the amount to collections.. PayPal is no better than E-bay is and allows people to operate "businesses" or what they call businesses without a resale number or a business license..
Subject:             Rif: Chargeback
       Date:             Tue, 12 Oct 2004 10:24:56 +0200 (ora solare Europa occidentale)
      From:             "Luca Bertuccioli" <luca.bertuccioli@tin.it>
        To:             <lightav@lightav.com>

 Today arriving the goods, but there is only one capacitor Power acoustic by 1 farad.
 If you ceck the order I paid for two capacitor by one farad.
 Have you forgetted to put inside of the shipping box ?
 As doesn't important you send me a total without one of them, and I transfer money to you

 -------Messaggio originale-------

 Da: Jerry Edwards
 Data: 09/25/04 13:44:10
 A: Luca Bertuccioli
 Oggetto: Chargeback

 Hello Luca,

 As you can see by the scans I sent you from the Post Office, the goods  were sent on 8/17/04.. They will arrive there and they will be arriving
 anytime as the shipping method you wanted to use takes 6-8 weeks and we  are at about 5 weeks now from the ship date.. I have already made PayPal
 aware that they were shipped and they have the proof of shipping to you  ...  International shipping is very difficult to deal with.. That is why
 most people do not deal with it.. If you would have paid for the more  expensive shipping, you would have had it a while ago.. If you would
 have had the money sent by direct deposit, I would  have sent the gear  out immediately.. This is frustrating for me as I did send your
 equipment out to you and now you are trying to take back the money..

   Thunder Audio Video
   Toll Free Order Line 877-390-1599
   Technical/Design Questions 805-528-6123
   Read this when comparing prices and shopping online


Ripoff Report.com

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Harry Potter Books

Information Week Online News Paper
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Network Computing

PayPal Aids Ripoff Artist

>>It just keeps going and going and going.. ;-)


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