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15 inch Color 
Changing Neon

20 inch Color 
Changing Neon



    15 inch Color Changing Neon
    A dramatic new NEON FX that brings neon light rods to the Duo-Color Dimensions.
    A single light rod that continuously changes color.
    All units contain:
    1 tube with built-in transformer and cigarette lighter plug. 
    CCN1531 Pink -> Blue 
    CCN1562 Yellow ->Green

    20 inch Color Changing Neon
    CCN2031 Pink -> Blue
    CCN2062 Yellow ->Green
15 inch 
Liquid Neon

20 inch 
Liquid Neon


    15 inch Liquid Neon
    Creates a waving, rippling, liquid neon effect.
    Can be easily mounted anywhere and features a built-in low voltage transformer.
    Reliable and save neon is sealed in water resistant high impact optical acrylic tubes.
    Includes cigarette lighter adapter, wire connectors.
    LN1510 Blue
    LN1520 Green
    LN1530 Pink
    LN1540 Purple
    LN1590 Tri-Color

    20 inch Liquid Neon
    LN2010 Blue
    LN2020 Green
    LN2030 Pink
    LN2040 Purple
    LN2090 Tri-Color
Mach 15 Inch 
Light Rods

Mach 20 Inch 
Light Rods


    Mach 15 Inch Light Rods
    These unique neon tubes are sound activated and have the mechanism built into the transformer housing.
    Three way switch:
    On / Off / Dance to music
    Comes complete with cigarette lighter adapter plug.
    MAS1500 Aqua
    MAS1510 Blue
    MAS1520 Green
    MAS1540 Purple
    MAS1550 Red
    MAS1560 Yellow
    MAS1570 White

    Mach 20 Inch Light Rods
    MAS2000 Aqua
    MAS2010 Blue
    MAS2020 Green
    MAS2040 Purple
    MAS2050 Red
    MAS2060 Yellow
    MAS2070 White
15 inch Powerbolt

20 inch Powerbolt


    15 inch Powerbolt

    These crackle neon tubes have a built-in sound activated light dancer in the transformer housing. Three way switch;
    on / off / dance to music.
    Gives the effect of a powerbolt coming down from the sky. Comes complete with cigarette lighter adapter plug. 
    PBR150 Blue
    PBR155 Red

    20 inch Powerbolt
    PBR250 Blue
    PBR255 Red
15 inch
Radicolor Tube

20 inch
Radicolor Tube


    15 inch Radicolor Tube
    A radical new dimension in Neon FX. A sound activated intense Multi-color experience. Includes cigarette lighter adapter, wire connectors. 
    RKT1500 Purple/Aqua
    RKT1510 Purple/Blue
    RKT1520 Purple/Green
    RKT1560 Green/Blue
    RKT1590 Pink/Blue/Green

    20 inch Radicolor Tube
    RKT2000 Purple/Aqua
    RKT2010 Purple/Blue
    RKT2020 Purple/Green
    RKT2060 Green/Blue
    RKT2090 Pink/Blue/Green

    20 inch Radicolor Tube
    RKT2095 Pink/Blue/Purple/Green/Yellow
3 inch Neon Mini
Light Rods

6 inch Neon Mini 
Light Rods

9 inch Neon Mini Light Rods


    3 inch Neon Light Rods
    Fits into almost any tight space. Perfect for cars, boats, vans, trucks, speaker boxes or anything at all. Complete with 2 thin neon tubes, with separate leads, low drain transformer and cigarette lighter plug.
    TN300 Aqua
    TN310 Blue
    TN320 Green
    TN340 Purple
    TN350 Red
    TN360 Yellow
    TN370 White

    6 inch Neon Light Rods
    TN600 Aqua
    TN610 Blue
    TN620 Green
    TN630 Pink
    TN640 Purple
    TN650 Red
    TN660 Yellow
    TN670 White

    9 inch Neon Light Rods
    TN900 Aqua
    TN910 Blue
    TN920 Green
    TN930 Pink
    TN940 Purple
    TN950 Red
    TN960 Yellow
    TN970 White
10 inch Neon 
Light Rod

15 inch Neon 
Light Rod

20 inch Neon
Light Rod


    Reliable, safe neon is sealed in water resistant high impact optical acrylic tubes.
    Suitable for decorative use on all vehicles, boats and in the home.
    Transformer input: 12-14V/200MA - 500MA
    Contains:1 tube with built-in transformer cigarette lighter plug 
    10 inch Neon Light Rods
    WA800 Aqua
    WA810 Blue
    WA820 Green
    WA830 Pink
    WA840 Purple
    WA850 Red
    WA860 Yellow
    WA870 White

    15 inch Neon Rod
    WA1500 Aqua
    WA1510 Blue
    WA1520 Green
    WA1530 Pink
    WA1540 Purple
    WA1550 Red
    WA1560 Yellow
    WA1570 White

    24 inch Neon Rod
    WA2400 Aqua
    WA2410 Blue
    WA2420 Green
    WA2430 Pink
    WA2440 Purple
    WA2450 Red
6 Foot Neon Wire
15 Foot

Neon Wire


    Installs in minutes
    Inverter, 6 Foot NeonWires?, Quick connector for positive(=) connection, 6' of wire guide, NeonWires Adhesive, heat shrink tubing and wire clip.

    6 Foot Neon Wire
    NW6500 Aqua
    NW6510* Blue
    NW6520 Green
    NW6530 Coral Pink
    NW6540 Purple
    NW6550 Red
    NW6560 Yellow
    NW6570 White
    NW6580 Orange

    15 Foot Neon Wire
    NW8500 Aqua
    NW8510 Blue
    NW8520 Green
    NW8530 Coral Pink
    NW8540 Purple
    NW8550 Red
    NW8560 Yellow
    NW8570 White
    NW8580 Orange