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Plug & Play Radio with large full color split screen display

US $139.95

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Delphi XpressRC Plug & Play Radio with large full color split screen display, 60 minute pause & replay, and the ability to save 10 favorite songs.
  • Large full color split screen display - view up to four channels simultaneously
    Pause, Play, and Replay up to 60 minutes of your favorite XM programming
    Songsaver - easily save your 10 favorite songs
    Number keys enable listeners to set up to 10 favorite channels
    Easy-to-Use 5-way navigational control - for rapid channel scrolling
    TuneSelect finds your favorite artists or songs and alerts you when they're playing on an XM channel
    GameSelect finds your favorite sports event or team and alerts you when they're playing on an XM channel
    Easily view channel, artisit, song title & info extras via a large high-contrast full color screen
    Universal Connector - easily move XpressRC between car, home, & Audio Systems, with compatible accessories 
SkyFi 3 Receiver with Car Kit

US $129.95
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$40 Rebate Available

Delphi SA10224 SkyFi3 Receiver with Car Kit
  • 2.8" large screen with horizontal or vertical mount
    30-min Pause & Replay features
    Stores up to 10 hours of XM programming with built-in memory
    Stores up to 500 songs with optional micro Secure Digital Card
    Integrated tuner
    Portable playback mode with internal 5-hour rechargeable battery
    Book mark & purchase songs with XM & Napster
    Artist & Tune Select
    XM Sports & Stock Ticker
    Includes XM receiver, car kit, remote, earbuds & USB cable

SkyFi 3 Kit for Bose

US $184.95
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Delphi SA10219 SkyFi 3 Kit for Bose System
  • Kit Includes:
  • Home stand
  • Hi-gain indoor/outdoor antenna
  • AC power adapter
  • RCA jacks to connect to home audio system
  • Speaker jacks to connect to multimedia speakers
SkyFi 3 Car Kit

US $54.95

  • Includes car dock, remote, DC adapter, magnetic car mount antenna with accessories & installation guide
SkyFi3 Home Kit

US $29.95

Delphi SA10227 SkyFi3 Home Kit
  • The Home Stand houses your radio near your stereo system/powered speakers and recharges the radios battery while in the stand
    The Home Antennas cable length allows the antenna to be extended as needed for optimal reception
    RCA Audio Cables plug into the AUX In/Audio In (or similar) jacks on your stereo system/powered speakers
    The Power Adapter works in any AC outlet
 XM Signal Repeater

US $33.49

Delphi SA10116 XM Signal Repeater
  • Allows multiple radios the ability to share the same XM antenna & signal
    Eliminates the need for long, unsightly antenna extensions
    Transmitter rebroadcasts the XM signal
    through walls
    Can be placed up
    to 75 ft away from transmitter
    Connects to home kit or audio system
    Sleek design for attractive
    integration in a home environment & stereo equipment
    Works with existing Delphi XM Satellite Radio receivers
    Includes repeater transmitter, repeater antenna
    & power adapter 
50' SKYFi Antenna Extension for Home Adapter Kit

 US $33.49
Delphi SA10006 50' SKYFi Antenna Extension for Home Adapter Kit

  • SKYFi 50ft Extension Kit allows cord extension for SKYFi antenna
  • For use with the Delphi XM SKYFi Audio System
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