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Radar/Laser Detector and Laser Scrambler

US $49.95

  • Detects radar (X, K, POP and superwide Ka); detects and scrambles all laser radar
    VG-2/VG-3 undetectable
    Smart-scan to reduce false starts
    Mute/city/highway functions
    Includes windshield mount and coiled DC power cord 
Radar / Laser Detector

US $79.95

  • Radar and laser detection
    1. 3.4 mile radar detection range
    2. 2.5 mile laser detection
    3. Micro-Scan for POP detection
    4. Smart-Scan eliminates false alarms
    5. Icon display
    6. Selectable alert tones
    7. Four-level dim function
    8. 1-year warranty
    9. Sleek stylish Silver case
    10. 360 degree detection
Radar / Laser Detector

US $119.95

  • 1. Selectable Laser Scrambler disables all laser speed measuring devices.
    2. 1-year Laser Ticket Rebate
    3. 3.4 mile radar detection range
    4. 2.5 mile laser detection
    5. Micro-Scan for POP detection
    6. Smart-Scan eliminates false alarms
    7. Icon display
    8. Selectable alert tones
    9. Four-level dim function
    10. 1-year warranty
    11. Sleek stylish Silver case
    12. 360 degree detection
    13. Selectable Laser Scrambler disables all laser speed measuring devices.
    14. 1-year Ticket Rebate 
Radar Detector w/ Performance Meter

US $159.95

  • Truly the most feature-packed, value automotive aftermarket
    accessory in the world today! The Worlds only performance meter with real safety
    built in,G-Safe TM warns the driver if they exceed a pre-set (programmable)
    turning force to avoid rollover accidents.

    As introduced at the 2007 CES Show in Las Vagas the New Traxx from Kat Inc. Is indeed the Worlds only performance meter with integrated radar/laser detector & Laser Scrambler. With trade marked technology like G-Safe safety feature alerts the driver to excessive lateral G-forces. It's no wonder the Kat Traxx is becoming one of our most popular units.

    Kat Traxx Features:

    Three-Axis Accelerometer

    G-Safe TM safety feature alerts driver to excessive lateral G-forces

    Blue Back-lit Dot Matrix LCD display for easy reading

    US-Metric selectable measurements and display

    Built-in, Full Featured Radar & Laser detector

    Laser Scrambler disables all laser speed measurement devices

    Over 3-mile radar detection range

    Over 2-mile laser detection range

    Voice alerts and instructions

    Selectable G-Safe TM and Laser Scrambler

    G-Safe TM level is programmable

    Selectable Dim, Mute, City, Highway & Tone Features

    1-year Ticket Rebate for Laser speeding tickets

    No False alarms in City mode

    Features exclusive to K.A.T. Inc.
Cordless Performance Meter

US $229.95

  • Measure vehicle's performance based upon acceleration, 1/4 mile time and speed, braking force, g-force, and horsepower
    1.2" LCD display
    Easy to use one-button operation, no programming required
    1 year battery life
    Includes three AAA batteries and windshield mounting bracket
    World's only cordless performance meter
    Three-axis sensors for no-compromise accuracy
    Sleek new design enhances portability
    0-60 MPH time
    Peak HP and average HP
    Multi-run memory
    Simple one-button operation
    Programmable enhanced performance setup 


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