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Battlefield 2142 Community Game Fix
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  • Instructions - Follow our 10 step plan for success!

    If you run into any trouble during any of these steps, first check the FAQ page for common problems and solutions.
    After that, if you still need assistance then join our Discord server and request help in the #tech-support channel.

    1 - Install a legitimate version of Battlefield 2142

    There are three main versions of the game which are supported:
    -Standard Edition Retail DVD
    -Deluxe Edition Retail DVD
    -Deluxe Edition Digital Download (i.e. Origin)

    It is irrelevant which one you begin with, since they will all be equivalent after everything is patched up. If you do not currently own any of these, it is recommended to purchase a 2nd hand copy of one of the Retail DVD editions. Amazon, eBay, or a local used video game store are usually the typical places to look for 2nd hand games like these. If you are buying online, make sure the listing specifically states that the manual is included. This is important, since the serial code required for installation is printed on the back cover of the manual. Also, if possible prior to purchasing, make sure the edition of the disc (Standard or Deluxe) matches the edition of the manual. Mixing these up will prevent you from installing the game. If your PC is missing a DVD-ROM drive, then it is recommended to purchase one here or visit the FAQ page for more details regarding this.

    NOTE: The Origin edition is only available to users who have purchased/registered the game prior to June 2014. New Origin purchases are not available after this date.

    2 - Update the game to v1.51 (skip this step if using the Origin edition)

    Please download and install this updater to fully patch any Retail DVD edition of the game to v1.51. The Origin edition already ships fully updated to v1.51 so this step is not required for that edition.

    3 - Install the maps

    Please download and install this MapPack to install nearly all of the maps required to play on the Reclamation Battlefield 2142 game servers.

    4 - Install the BF2142 Hub

    Please download and install the BF2142 Hub.

    5 - Apply the OpenSpy patch

    Within the BF2142 Hub, click on the Help tab. Under Step 2: GameSpy Patch, click the OpenSpy (Current) radio button and then click the yellow Patch button just to the right of it.

    6 - Check for and install additional maps

    Within the BF2142 Hub, click on the Maps tab. If any map names appear under Available (i.e. the left column) please click on one of them to highlight it, followed by clicking the double green arrows [>>] to install it. Repeat this for each map appearing in the left column until there are none left.

    7 - Adjust video settings

    Within the BF2142 Hub, click on the Settings tab. Under Current Resolution you may select a specific resolution to run in windowed mode. If you wish to run the game in fullscreen instead, simply check the box next to Fullscreen.

    8 - Launch the game

    On the Home tab of the BF2142 Hub, you will find a yellow Play button towards the right side of the window. Click this button to launch the game.

    9 - Create an account

    After the game launches and you arrive at the login menu, you must first create an account on the OpenSpy system. If you have already done so previously, then enter in your login information to continue and skip this step. Otherwise, click on CREATE NEW ACCOUNT to begin the process.

    Please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS carefully, most notably how your password is stored remotely in plain text. After accepting, fill out the account creation form and then click on CREATE. Please note that much of this information is irrelevant, and therefore false information may be used. The only items of importance are the ACCOUNT NAME and PASSWORD, which you should write down since OpenSpy account name/password retrieval is non-functional. If you receive any type of error after clicking CREATE, please consider if the desired ACCOUNT NAME, PASSWORD, or EMAIL ADDRESS may have been previous used before and then try different entries for those fields.

    NOTE: Old EA accounts created prior to June 2014 no longer exist, since they were stored on servers which have been long shut down. A new OpenSpy-based account is required.

    10 - Soldier up and join the action

    After creating an account or logging in, you will be presented with the soldier selection screen. Your soldier name is what you will be referred to within the game. Either click on CREATE NEW SOLDIER or SELECT an existing one.

    After fully logging in with your soldier, you will be presented with the Battlefield 2142 main menu. At the top left is the navigation menu. It is recommended to first navigate to OPTIONS to adjust your VIDEO and AUDIO settings. Once that's done you may go BACK to the main menu and click on MULTIPLAY to enter the online multiplayer menu. Click on the ADVANCED tab and uncheck all the filter boxes at the bottom of the screen. Click UPDATE LIST to populate the server list. Last but not least, to join your desired server simply double-click it within the list.

    NOTE: Reclamation US, Reclamation EU, and Reclamation Remaster are the only three official servers currently supported by the Reclamation Team.

NEW MAP Previews Click to Enlarge
2142AF Training 1
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok 2142AF Training 1 CQ
14 Walkers??? HOLY.... CRAP!!!
Gameplay Video

Battlefield 2142 Dethklok AF Training 1
Backward Facing Titans with a invisible building!
German Camp
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok German Camp

Dethklok Battlefield 2142 German Camp

Great map for sniping and sneaking around.. Sometimes it is dark, sometimes it is light..  Bot Mode Available!
Gameplay Video
2142AF Elimination
Elimination BF2142
Elimination BF2142

Tournament Map: Conquest and Titan Modes. Crazy when titans are over center city. 
2142AF Ladder 1
Ladder 1 BF2142ladder.jpg
Ladder 1 BF2142
Looks like a building crammed into an underground cement pipe. Lots of fire and containers...

A small battlefield for hard Inf-Kampfe , part 1.

Maschtur City
Maschtur City BF2142
Maschtur City BF2142

An attempt to implement the BF2 Map Mashtuur City for 2142.
This map belongs, like all other AF Maps for 
22nd Century Warfare online campaign.

2142AF Onslaught 2
Onslaught 2 BF2142
Onslaught 2 BF2142
Dragon Valley
Dragon Valley
Dragon Valley BF2142

A BF2142 custom map without snow and ice. Slight resemblance to a vanilla BF2 map.
Hamburg Harbor
Hamburg Harbor BF2142
Hamburg Harbor BF2142
This is to Hambur Harbour , a replica of the Port of Hamburg, which already comes very close to the original, if that can be said for a Battlefield map. Mapper H4nsHode has been at pains to as closely as possible to implement some parts of the harbor road and the port area. Name: Hamburg Harbour Mapper: H4nsHode area: BF2142 game modes Conquest / Titan Size: 59MB From Titans and flags a real storyline there is not, nevertheless provides the Map everything you could expect from a bona fide battleground for 2142. Firstly, the card features the quite popular Titan mode, on the other mapperH4nsHode thought about the roots of the Battlefield series by having installed the Conquest mode for 16, 32 and 64 players.In the latter it beats only in the port area to the flags there distributed, the Titan mode offers fights on the entire map, while the Titans over the heads of the players circle.
Wall of Jericho
Wall of Jericho BF2142
Cool Tournament map, you need to know how to get inside the walls,
there are barriers but you can break them. Walker cannot go outside the walls, a few nostalgic BF2 guns mounted around
Kursk BF2142
Kursk BF2142
Walker Battle.. 6-7 Walkers can spawn per side with , tanks, APC and FAV..  Lots of Hardware, Bot mode available.
TGW Arctic Crossing
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok TGW Arctic Crossing
Dethklok Battlefield 2142 BF2142 TGW Arctic Crossing
Great map. Lots of Hachimotos, Goliath, A Classic BF 2 Helo, BF2 Watercraft.. Walkers, APC , and Tanks...
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok Severnaya
Savernaya BF2142
Good map but get to that first control point as fast as you can and HOLD IT!!
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok Shipment
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok Shipment
Call of Duty Rework for BF2142
Close Combat..  50 ft x 50 ft with containers
Pull out a knife and you will probably get a lot of Dogtags

Gameplay Video
Strike at Karkand 2
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok Strike at Karkand 2

Similar to Karkand, lots of tall building, some too tall to get on without a 5 minute transport ride.
Very vibrant colors... Walkers, transports, gunships all the good stuff..
Gunship pilots better be good cause there is little room for error flying on this map..
Battlefield 2142 Dethklok Endstation
BF2142 Dethklok Endstation
Very good close combat map, lots of places to sneak around, CAP the Labyrinth and you could win it!

Individual maps for download

Youtube Video how to put maps in

INSTRUCTIONS>>> PUT MAP FOLDERS in your mods/bf2142/levels folder 21.6MB 3.2 MB 64.1MB 22.5MB 18.3 MB 74.7 MB 60.5 MB 115.4 MB 141.8 MB 49MB 44MB 24MB 16MB 49MB 183MB This is the one with Kursk, Severnaya, and Gibralter with an E (Gibraltar with Co-Op Mode).
You can also download them all individually here: This is where they all came from, some are inside some of the large map packs..
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