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April 2012
This company originally conatacted me about selling my timeshare.  Normally I do not use any of these internet companies to list it because I already own 2 highly rated pages I could post on myself..

ALEXA Ratings
http://timeshareresalesource.com/ 10.5 Million, 3 sites linked

LigthAV.com (this site) 2.2 Million , 99 sites linked

Infiniteelectronix.com (my secure site) 900 K, 66 sites linked

As you can see their site is very low rated with little or no SEO..

The lady on the phone said that I would get a website listing, emails, and they would be going to business tradeshows putting in some actual footwork.. The ONLY reason I agreed to work with  them is the business trade shows the representative told me about.. I can list the timeshare on my own site and sell it if I wanted to do that ONLY.. So they took all my info and sent me a contract that had to be signed and returned in the stamped envelope they sent with the contract..

After reading the 1st paragraph of the contract I realized it was only a listing site.. There were no trade shows they were going to take these timeshares to to sell.. It was just a page on a zero traffic website and a bunch of SPAM emails to people.. $438.

1 month later I had not received a single call about why I had not returned the contract. I called timeshareresalesource.com and told them I did not want something like this , I could have done it myself if it was just a webpage. I also mentioned the business tradeshows thing the other rep had told me about, she had no comment.. . The rep said she would call me back on Monday after looking into it.. That was about 3-4 months ago now..

Unfortunately I had agreed in a phone recording to the advertising so I was not able to get the money back from my bank..  FACT is that they had mis represented what they were going to do and even though they have NO SIGNED CONTRACT from me, the verbal recording was good enough for them to keep the money.. So basically they can tell you whatever you want to hear while on the phone, as soon as you get to the recording , they only state what they actually do and if you try to clarify they stop you and have you start the recording all over again. The ONLY thing this scam company has is a recording of me agreeing to misrepresented advertising pf my timeshare..

 It is now 10/16/2012, 8 months,  and I have still not received a single call / email from this company or anyone concerning my timeshare..  It has been 8 months and they have not called and asked why I never returned the signed contract.. NOTHING.. STEAL your money and you will never hear from them again.. 
timeshareresalesource.com is a total scam, totally useless site that will not do anything but take your $400.. I guess many companies have their scams,this is just another one to watch out for ... Bottom like with timeshareresalesource.com you pay $400 for nothing but a post on a low level trafficless website timeshareresalesource.com and  a bunch of bulk emails if that is even true. There is no proof of anything except the single page with 1 picture and 5 lines of text.. To this date I have no proof of anything but a stupid webpage on a weak site.. You know how many times I could have posted this timeshare on Ebay for $438..


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